2018-19 Figurative Objective Research

In 2018 I decided to return to a figurative objective practice as a way to release myself from the ‘aura of objects’ in the pursuit of minimalism. At this point, I had been living in Montreal almost a full year and managed to receive many of my belongings from abroad as well as from a storage space in Toronto all together in a big enough place to open the boxes. The result was overwhelming and I became perplexed as to the amount of feeling that I had for many of the objects (I had managed to live without for such long periods of time) and felt that I was unable to release myself from the memories that many of the object sparked in me.

So, I began painting images of the things which were difficult to let go of. As part of my objective practice this began to include the surrounding environment as a way to subtly ‘date’ the work and then as I began to experience death more frequently, and my personality became more realized, I began to include figures.

While painting, and in revisiting old works, (some of which were incorporated into this new series) I decided to allow my subconscious the right to ‘graffiti’ these precious works at will, and to contribute in representation of itself.


radio alarm clock 1











In September 2018 I started showing this work at USINE 106U in Montreal.

My work was on display there from September 2018 to the end of February 2019 and I was able to show this new series of work as I worked through it. Since showing the process of my work is an important factor to me, this was a great opportunity and I enjoyed the atmosphere and getting to know several of the artists who also showed there for varying lengths of time.