Art Space Jang Residency 2016

As an ambitious artist with lofty goals of success, I am interested in contemporary art and the players. Something I would often watch on Youtube was ‘Tate Shots’ which showed the contemporary art practice of current artists on the global market. What I noticed was that many of the key players had several assistants who would be in the studio creating the work under the name of the celebrated artist. This got me to thinking that to be a successful artist on the world stage, who outputs at an impressive rate, ones range of abilities must include producing and directing others in their vision, as to do it all by yourself while possible, is perhaps not the best use of time.

Link to TateShots

In 2016 I had the opportunity to join the Art Space Jang International Residency program themed: Da Vinci Dances in the Old Town. This theme was left to interpretation as far as I understood. I considered how Da Vinci was a creator as well as a major collaborator. So I combined these ideas, focusing on a central idea that as the artist myself, my aesthetic would be present if I was present and directing or producing the work. So, I enlisted several artists to assist me. Then, in the theme of Da Vinci, I extended my practice when the opportunities arose in order to include collaboration with writers and actors as well. This was the basis of my residency project at Art Space Jang in 2016 which I titled: Collaborative Projects. So the twist to this idea was that I would be giving credit to the artists who were helping to create the work under my direction, and where extra funding was given, or when works were sold, the artists or collaborators involved would get a fair share of the profits.

I also felt it necessary to put together a catalogue of the residency projects:

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Further description of the individual projects and various links below:

Venus and Agrippa (The Way They Were Meant To Be) 2016, 62 cm high and 52 cm high
Venus Lukic in collaboration with I.F. Haddock and Laura Veron, final installation by James Knaack

These busts were painted over several times before reaching completion and their final installation in the front garden of Art Space Jang. The bracketed segment of the title refers to a comment I.F. Haddock made in reference to how sculptures such as these were not always painted white as we have come to know them today, but were probably painted in various colours and skin tones as art historians have been re-discovering. Something to think about.


Kula Ring, Asian Cultural Center, Gwangju 2016
Kula Ring press 1

The Love Bug (Two Rabbi’s Meet a Bug) a one act play
presented on August 26th, 2016, 7 minutes duration
written by Venus Lukic, Ali Wolff and Lutfiyah Suliman
performed by Iris Park, Hannah 이한들, Reagan Redd and Tawsif Rahman

This absurd comedy was created to address two ideas: how to use the residency space itself as a stage within the audience and how a play could be understood in two languages at once. The play can be viewed here, though in hindsight could have used better documentation.  The Love Bug

Cast photo in costume


Living the Blossom
presented on September 24th, 2006, approx. 10 minutes
written by Hannah 이한들, Venus Lukic, Ali Wolff and Clare Hartwieg
performed by Kevin Nickolai, Hannah 이한들, and Rosie 김민정

This focus of this play for me was in the details, such as the revolving backdrop, using the beautiful HuiNaRi cafe next door to Art Space Jang as the stage (this gave the opportunity for floor seats, ‘balcony seating’ on the terrace of Art Space Jang as well as ‘window/box seats’ from inside the cafe) ‘visible’ stage hands and the idea of using general explanation subtitles as props (as opposed to direct translations). The initial script skeleton was put together by Hannah 이한들.
It was recorded, but edited a bit too much to catch the full story. Either way, you can see it here:  Living the Blossom

Below you can see a blog about the cafe showing several photos, including one of us on the balcony. People would come often to take photos of the space as it was quite charming.

Huinari cafe photos (in Korean)

A Little Grain of Rice
Written by Ali Wolff, Illustrated by Venus Lukic
I met Ali through a local writing group and decided that I would illustrate and self-publish this poem.  The square book features a single poem in the layout style of a children’s book. This is not a children’s book however, and instead contains a single existential poem about a grain of rice. You can purchase it online in several places, heres one: A book


For the final open studio exhibition I wanted to recreate the creative space which I did by showcasing photographic banners depicting the collaborators working in the space of the studio and on the veranda. As well I showed the final pieces of work from the residency. This made it possible at once to show several of the pieces created through the residency period as well as the artists in question themselves.



Finally, I shared my residency spot at Art Space Jang with a Daejeon-dwelling American artist, Monica Nickolai.  We kept a joint tumbler account in order to both promote what we were working on, as well as to keep up to date on each others practice and progress in the residency. I met Monica (as well as several of the collaborators on my project) through the Daejeon Arts Collective. Links below.

The tumbler account
Monica Nickolai’s website
Daejeon Arts Collective site



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