The Breastmilk Painting Project

The breastmilk-painting project was (has been) a research project into performance art and the experimental use of breast milk as a material. To date the project has included painting, installation, audio- storytelling, book-making, and of course performance, the project was the result of the 2014 Space SSEE Residency program in Daejeon titled: Artist as a Performer. A solo exhibition came out of this project at SALT gallery in Gwangju, South Korea. The official project website was deleted in January 2018 as the content is now available here. The sound files can be listened to at the following link:





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bm painting 2015 1
2015, BM Painting 1
bm painting 2015 2
2015, BM Painting 2
bm painting 2015 3
2015, BM Painting 3
bm painting 2015 4
2015, BM Painting 4
bm painting 2015 5
2015, BM Painting 5
bm painting 2015 6
2015, BM Painting 6


Further writing in regards to the Breastmilk Painting Project, 2014

Yes, Because I Can, 2014
(Is it really breast milk?)
(Why would you use that?)

A short story of voyeur concerns regarding breast milk painting answered honestly by the artist.

The first viewings of this project got some interesting questions and comments, some I was prepared for and others were a surprise to me. I wanted to address these concerns honestly. This book is loosely based on that viewing.

I also wanted to make mention of other artists who had used this material in their work, so that there might be some history given of breast milk in art.

After completing the book I found one more artist example, Choi Sun, White Painting from Milk_breast milk on cotton_46x53cm_2005) (pg 20, 2014 SeMA Nanji Residency 8th catalogue)

Artist Narrative

Part of the project made use of narrative as provided by audience volunteers. In this case, it is determined that each has a specific relationship to the material.

So, does the narrative they give reflect the artists life or their own.

How does the participant feel before during and after their ‘performance’ Because of this, the artist shares the performance with her audience.

Milk Jug and Expression:

I expressed breastmilk in public spaces out of necessity. The act, where different numbers of people know what I’m doing makes it feel as if it were a performance, where I am performing the role of mother sans child. While it is not against the law to breastfeed in public to my knowledge, it is encouraged that women cover up, or go to a place where others cannot see them. As well, in the case where one must pump out the milk out of necessity in order to continue the nursing relationship and not cause sickness in the mother, one must find a private place to express the milk. The Milk Jug could contain the publicly expressed milk. This milk was not able to be salvaged in order to be given to the baby due to the locations where the milk was expressed in public spaces. As well the Milk Jug contains a written record of the places where the milk was expressed in public. The aforementioned milk was further installed in the gallery as a record/ authentic trace of the public ‘performances’.